You and your baby are home. It’s been a few sleepless months and now you are ready for a change and to get some consistent sleep again. But where do you start, there is so much conflicting information out there!

Tucked in Tight can help. Triona will work closely with you to create a custom sleep plan that is gentle, loving and make sure that you are comfortable with. For 15 days she will virtually be by your side guiding, advising and supporting you.

With a full nursery assessment and personal, private consultation in the comfort of your own home this is a great opportunity to get to know all the family as we begin working together.


Suitable for littles that are 4m - 2.5 years (in a crib)

IN-HOME $495 + HST

  • Comprehensive intake questionnaire and infant sleep tracking review. 
  • 60-90 minute private consultation in your home, with comprehensive nursery assessment
  • Custom sleep plan within 24 hours of consultation
  • Daily email and sleep tracking support for 15 days
  • 3 x 20min support calls over 15 days 
  • Tucked in Tight Crib Notes & Tips for down the road including nap transitions, successful travelling with children and daylight savings.

BONUS! Additional support call to use within 6 months of completion of sleep coaching.