Littlest Sleepers are aged 0 - 2.5 years old and are still sleeping in a crib (or you would like them to be). Depending on the age of your child, and the level of support you need there is a package here for you.


SIMPLY SLEEP - Virtual or In-Home

The popular choice!

For parents with infants/toddlers between 4 months and 2.5 years who are still in the crib (or parents would like them to be in the crib), sleeping 10-12 hours a night and taking age-appropriate naps.

Suitable for 4m - 2.5 years (still in a crib).


TUCK ME IN - Virtual or In-Home

Apprehensive about the first night of your sleep plan? This is the package for you! I will be with you virtually (6.00pm-12.00am), or in person from (6.00pm-12.00am/6.00am) on the on the first night of your sleep program to coach you in real time through your new bedtime routines and initial wake-ups so you can be confident you are on the right track.

Suitable for 4m - 2.5 years (still in a crib).



Want a plan in a hurry? Don’t want or need a full support package? Then this is the plan for you! This budget friendly option is suitable for little ones who are still in their crib and whose parents just need a great plan and can execute without all the extra support!

Suitable for 4m - 2.5 years (still in a crib).



Expectant parents and newborn babies present a unique opportunity to begin gentle sleep shaping as preparation for coaching after 4 months of age. This package is ideal to educate parents so that newborns in this age group and their parents can still experience sleep in those first few precious months of life. A popular shower gift from past clients who are reaping the rewards of sleep coaching! 

Suitable for infants 0-3 months.