Well-Rested Parents Speak Out!


I love helping families and making a REAL difference in their lives - here is a sample of emails I receive from happy, well-rested parents all the time.

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BAby E's Mom

From the very beginning we felt so comfortable in Triona's company. She listened to our concerns and carefully laid out a plan for helping our daughter master the skill of going to sleep by herself. She experienced a lot of changes in a very short period of time (moving house and travel) but with Triona's help, we were seeing results after day 2! Now she sleeps for 2 solid naps and at least 12 hours at night!

We would recommend Triona to anybody having baby sleep issues.

Mr A's Mom

I was referred to Triona by a friend and I'm so glad she did. My baby depended on me to rock him to sleep because he wasn't able to fall asleep on his own. The only place he could sleep was on my chest or in my arms.  And his naps were never longer than 30 minutes.  I became his human pacifier and fed him multiple times throughout the night. I booked my consultation with Triona and am so happy I did.  To be honest I was skeptical first and didn't think I'd be able to do it but Triona put together a plan for us and my baby slept through the night on the 1st night!!  He is now able to sleep on his own straight through the night and his naps are now longer than 30 minutes.  I am no longer his human pacifier and he does not eat at night anymore.  Triona was amazing to work with and was very knowledgeable.  I truly couldn't have done it without her daily support and appreciate all of her help.  Thank you Triona for giving both my baby and I quality sleep!!


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BAby L's Mom

I would highly recommend Triona as a sleep consultant.  From the very first call she made us feel comfortable and confident that sleep training was right for our little one.  There are no judgements as to what you were doing previously, only support and solutions.  With Triona's help, our little one is now sleeping through the night (12 hours) and no longer requires a pacifier.  One of the best outcomes of this program is knowing that we are building a solid foundation of great sleep habits for life.  Thanks Triona!"  


Triona is a Godsent to me and my family.

What Triona described was going to happen in just a few days sounded like an unattainable fantasy. I was hopeful though and also quite desperate.

Prior to reaching out to Triona, my husband and I felt as though we tried everything and ultimately resorted to doing whatever we needed to do to ensure that all of us; Mom, Dad and Baby Kasia, would sleep. However, despite all of our efforts, we were all, including our daughter Kasia, spent, starved for sleep, inpatient with each other and frustrated.

Until Triona, our shining star came along. 

Fast forward nearly a month after we started sleep training our little lady and we have ourselves a happy daughter who now asks us to go to sleep and requests to have her bedtime routine started early, just so that she can get into her crib, snuggle up with her bunny and fall asleep all on her own.

All thanks to our beloved Triona.

Triona is a kind, passionate, supportive and loving person and does whatever it takes to ensure that her clients' goals are met. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and has brought back the same joy, exuberance and enthusiasm this family once shared the day Kasia came into our lives.

Thank you Triona. I don’t think you'll ever truly know what you have bought back to my family. It’s wonderful.