It all started when...

.....we welcomed Oran in to the world in September 2015. I had been a Digital Marketing Manager for several years with a large healthcare company and joyfully said 'see you all in a year!' as I skipped (well, waddled) out the door on my maternity leave.

Four months later I was doing a dream-feed at 11, feeding multiple times a night and holding a soother in his mouth as I hung over the edge of a bed all night long - something had to give! Within a couple of weeks of connecting with a sleep consultant he was taking three awesome naps, and sleeping all night long - heaven!

It was life-changing in more ways than one - I was now well-rested and ultimately led to me deciding that this was going to be a new path for me. There was no way I could go back to work full time (with my commute I would not see him for 5 days a week) so I certified as an Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant and said goodbye to my corporate career for a rewarding, fulfilling career making a REAL difference in peoples lives.

My Approach and Philosophy

I truly believe that a well-rested family is a more harmonious, happier family. Children who are getting the healthy sleep they need absorb more from the world around them, and parents are more patient and get to enjoy special moments even more.  

As a Mom who was also once very tired....I get it. From the outset this can seem really daunting and overwhelming, I will be here for you every day to guide you through the process of teaching your little one to sleep independently in a gentle and loving way. I am practical, down to earth and you will understand and be comfortable with your child’s sleep plan because you will be heavily involved in putting it together so that it is custom to you, and your family and within your comfort levels.

When you are ready for a change, and for your family to get the sleep and rest you all deserve I am here for you and will have you all Tucked in Tight, every night, within a couple of short weeks.