Pregnancy is exciting news. It includes anticipation, excitement and a little anxiety about all the changes that are coming and how best to care for this new life.

Newborn babies are sweet, snuggly and adorable. But, what happens when your beautiful baby just won’t sleep, creating sleepless days and nights?

Tucked in Tight can help. There is no expectation that a newborn should sleep through the night (they need those nutritious night feeds!) at this age, but get sleep off to a great start by teaching them healthy sleep skills from the very beginning and they will, over time, transition into great little sleepers.

Ideal shower gift for the parents who love to know what to expect!   


Suitable for infants 0-3 months $125 + HST

  • Comprehensive intake questionnaire and infant sleep tracking review. 
  • 45-minute consultation via Skype
  • Custom sleep plan within 24 hours of consultation
  • 1 x 20 min and 5 emails over 10 days 
  • 1 x 20 min follow up call before 4 months
  • Tucked in Tight Crib Notes & Tips for down the road including nap transitions, successful travelling with children and daylight savings.